Growth Stocks

Why invest in Growth Stocks? Growth Stocks

Growth stocks are shares in a company whose earnings are growing faster than the overall market. They are expected to increase the value of your portfolio. They do not typically pay dividends; rather, the company invests excess cash back into the business to increase (‘grow’) the value of the company.

If you want to grow your wealth (as opposed to taking income from your investments), and have a few minutes each day to manage your portfolio, growth stocks are for you.

Good growth stocks will have these characteristics: 

  • Revenues and earnings are growing at a rate of at least 10%, compared to the same period a year ago.
  • There is great potential for future growth.
  • Profit margins and cash flow are healthy.
  • Not yet a ‘darling’ of the investment community, a growth stock will have a growing institutional following, which provides some stability and predictability to the stock’s price action.
  • The stock price is going up. 

Some of the growth stocks that Cabot subscribers have profited from include Home Depot, Cisco Systems, Apple,, eBay, Crocs, Monster Beverage, Las Vegas Sands, First Solar, Chipotle Mexican Grill and many more familiar names.

Cabot Market Letter, Cabot’s flagship newsletter, has fine-tuned its growth investing strategy since 1970. Cabot China & Emerging Markets Report applies this strategy to the fastest-growing markets on earth.

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The Best Growth Stocks


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