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Why the Stock Market is Headed Much Higher From Here: Blastoff!

Today I want to write about one unique subset of indicators I track. These indicators don’t speak often … but when they do, they have a history of pointing to healthy gains in the months ahead. And one is speaking now. I call these “blastoff” indicators, and they’re meant to spot rare displays of power from the market in terms of breadth or volume.

Understanding the Pfizer-Allergen Arbitrage

One of the big stories this week was that the U.S. Treasury Department announced new rules that would limit companies' ability to participate in inversions. The new rules put the Pfizer (PFE) and Allergen (AGN) merger in peril. And I took an interest in this because I had an open position in PFE, owning call options (a bullish position) since January.

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To this point, not much has changed—the market still doesn’t have the leadership we’d like to see, but the trend is up and the broad market is in good shape.

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Two weeks ago, I began highlighting that put buying was matching, or even outweighing, call buying—this is fairly rare in an up-trending market.

more from Jacob Mintz »

I would like to see a bit of a pause here before things get overheated. My sense is that we’ll get that pause next week. So don’t chase stocks that are rallying but haven’t reported anything to substantiate the move.

more from Tyler Laundon »

The EEM surged in mid-April and has now been trading sideways for a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, Chinese ADRs got a small bounce today that kept the PGJ above its 25-day moving average.

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Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen a major rotation out of conservative, high-yielding equities, affecting telecoms, utilities, tobacco stocks and many consumer staples stocks.

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Subscribers who followed my advice and became more aggressive value stock buyers in January were well rewarded.

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After a punishing first six weeks to the year, the market finally got off its knees during the past few trading days—and that tells us to loosen the purse strings a little bit.

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Stock Picks


Turnaround situations can be a great place to find relatively low risk, high paying dividend stocks—and they’re usually a great value to boot.

Corrections Corp. of America

This REIT has paid dividends since 2012 and increased the dividend in each of the past three years.

Philip Morris

This non-cyclical consumer stock offers consistency and high dividends.

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Burger Stocks: The Bubble Has Burst, and One Clear Winner Has Emerged

By Timothy Lutts on May 02, 2016

Burger stocks exploded last year. It started with the IPO of Shake Shack (SHAK) in January, an offering that was priced at 21, but began trading at 47. It was fueled by lots of hype about trendy private chains, like Five Guys, In-N-Out Burger, Whataburger, Umami Burger and Iron Chef Bobby Flay’s Bobby’s Burger Palace.Read More >

Another Dire Stock Market Prediction: Whoopee!

By Paul Goodwin on April 29, 2016

McKinsey & Company is a big consulting firm—9,000 consultants and 2,000 researchers around the world—that companies hire when they need advice. I get research reports from McKinsey every once in a while, and they’re usually beautifully designed, well written and interesting in an abstract kind of way. The report that reached my email in-box on Thursday had the intriguing title: “Why investors may need to lower their sights.” (Note how the avoidance of Capital Letters makes things a little edgier; that’s the McKinsey Difference!) It took seven people to write this little piece of analysis, so you know it must contain really valuable information. Read More >

The One Thing You Can Do that Warren Buffett Can’t

By Paul Goodwin on April 28, 2016

Everybody (including me) loves Warren Buffett. He’s rich. He’s a major philanthropist who actively exhorts other rich people to give away their money. And he looks like an ideal grandfather ought to look: gray, smiling and enjoying life. But I do think Warren Buffett has a little bit of a regret, and it’s this ...Read More >