The Most Undervalued Utility Stocks

Utility stocks are known for being low risk—they’re often called “widow and orphan stocks” because they’re appropriate for just about any investor. Utilities deliver slow but steady growth, and take advantage of that predictability to pass much of their cash through to investors as regular dividends.

The Perils of a Bull Market

bull market

When the markets are strong and giving us buy signals, a a few set of worries shows up.

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Revolutionary Stocks Survey Results

Investing Newsletters

Last week, reviewing the 10 Revolutionary Stocks, I asked you which ones you owned.

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Getting to the Fun Part of Growth Investing


Like almost any activity worth doing, growth investing requires a certain amount of study to get right.

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Cabot Weekly Review

Bullish Outlook | Cabot Weekly Review

In this week's stock market video, Cabot’s V.P. of Investments, Mike Cintolo, discusses his still-bullish outlook on the market, though he does highlight a couple of flies in the ointment that he's watching. He also talks about the liquid growth leaders in the market, which, in his view, should be the foundation of your portfolio.

Stock Picks

palo alto

Palo Alto Networks

One of the biggest threats to every business that uses the Internet is network security, which means good times for Palo Alto Networks, one of the premier network security providers in the world.

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"I’m looking for a revolutionary product, big barriers to competition, the ability to address a mass market, huge sales and earnings growth and huge earnings estimates."

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Over the past 15 years, thousands of companies were born that changed the world in wonderful ways, frequently by taking advantage of the Internet.»

Top takeaway from China and India growth estimates is the healthiest emerging markets continue to outpace the strongest developed markets. »

What can we learn from Sir John Templeton, Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, Jesse Livermore, Walter Schloss and other masters?»

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10 Best Revolutionary Stocks

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There’s one thing that the very best performing stocks have in common: they are all revolutionary companies.

Here are 10 stocks that have enjoyed rapid growth and have the potential to get much larger in the months to come.

They are 10 creative, imaginative companies that are run by visionary management, and since they are still viewed with skepticism by most people, they all have huge potential for advancement.

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