Most Recent Notable Mergers

In January of this year, KPMG estimated that 2015’s merger and acquisition activity would top the $1.62 trillion in marriages created in 2014. So far this year, Dealogic says global M&A is $593 billion YTD, up from $536 billion in 2014 YTD, and the highest since the $677 billion booked in 2007. Just this month, we’ve seen several notable merger announcements on stocks that we have covered in our Investment Digest or Dividend Digest.

Spotting Big Profits by Following the Insiders

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but hedge funds and banks trade on insider information all the time.

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Using Every Resource in Growth Investing


It’s my belief that anyone who makes an investment decision based solely on any single factor is probably going to lose money.

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The Bull in the Long Run

bull market

The last couple of days haven’t been pleasant. But the long-term trend of the market is up.

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Cabot Weekly Review

Stock Picker's Market | Cabot Weekly Review

In this week's stock market video, Cabot’s V.P. of Investments, Mike Cintolo, details the market's recent selloff—the second time this year that the market has been unable to break free of the choppy and challenging environment. Because of some abnormal selling in certain key groups, Mike advises taking a step or two closer to shore, but maintains that it's a stock picker's market.

Stock Picks

United Therapeutics

United Therapeutics went through a major correction in 2014, but over the long run has delivered great growth-stock returns.

Michael Kors

This luxury sportswear wholesaler's balance sheet is very strong with no debt and lots of cash available to fund growth initiatives. The company is taking advantage of its low stock price by repurchasing $400 million of its stock during the most recent quarter.

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Which Cabot Advisory is Right for You?

Analysts’ Center — Selected Insights from Cabot’s Premium Advisories

The weight of evidence remains slightly bullish, so we’re positioned that way in the Model Portfolio. The key is having a plan for whatever the market throws at us.»

We have noticed a confluence of factors that may have lasting positive consequences for emerging market ADRs, especially Chinese stocks.»

When the market drops more than 3%-5%, rather than buying dips, we’ll be shorting more aggressively. But we aren’t there yet. »

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There’s one thing that the very best performing stocks have in common: they are all revolutionary companies.

Here are 10 stocks that have enjoyed rapid growth and have the potential to get much larger in the months to come.

They are 10 creative, imaginative companies that are run by visionary management, and since they are still viewed with skepticism by most people, they all have huge potential for advancement.

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