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stock market uncertainty

Two Investing Lessons Learned from History

Today, putting on my military historian hat, I have a lesson from more than 70 years ago that still applies today. The first is not to assume that the next war will be fought just like the last one. Translated into stock market language, the lesson is not to take previous market patterns as gospel.

Best Canadian Dividend Stocks to Buy Now

canadian flag

Today I’m introducing a new series highlighting the Best Canadian Dividend Stocks to Buy Now.

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Paul Goodwin’s Favorite Stock to Buy Now


Here's the interview with Paul Goodwin, Cabot China & Emerging Markets Report chief analyst.

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How to Stay Calm During Market Corrections

selling losing stocks

Thinking about the distress felt by new investors recently got me thinking about how to stay calm.

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Cabot Weekly Review

Intermediate Market Trend | Stock Market Video

In this week's video, Mike Cintolo talks about the possibility that last Tuesday was a near-term market low. While the intermediate-term trend is still down, Mike believes the wheat will begin to separate from the chaff should the market bounce and as earnings season progresses. 

Stock Picks

GT Advanced Technologies

GT is now emphasizing sapphire crystal production ... and has attracted one big customer.


It’s time for some new leaders, and one of them might be AutoNation (AN).

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Analysts’ Center — Selected Insights from Cabot’s Premium Advisories

After a big decline in growth stocks that has begun to spread to the rest of the market, our Cabot Tides have turned negative. This doesn’t mean it’s time to head for the hills but it does mean it’s time to be more conscious of market risk.»

The selloff in Chinese stocks has mirrored the chart of the Nasdaq since the beginning of March, so this selloff may be centered more on tech stocks than on Chinese issues per se. »

Like you and me, when big traders get confused or scared, they start pulling back on trading—not wanting to get long in front of a 10% market drop or short the bottom in a stock like Facebook.»

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