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Following a correction from mid-April through last week, stocks have shot ahead on no particular news, and we find that encouraging.

more from Paul Goodwin »

One of the big advantages of being a student of the market is perspective; we look at the market as an endless trail of breadcrumbs that inform us about its next major move.

more from Michael Cintolo »

The Dow and S&P 500 will likely to challenge their April highs again in coming days, and a breakthrough would almost certainly trigger another rally.

more from Chloe Lutts Jensen »

The Volatility Index (VIX) closed the week at 15.20, virtually unchanged on the week and almost the exact same level it has closed at for the last several weeks.

more from Jacob Mintz »

Provided this retreat doesn’t drift into full-blown correction mode, I welcome it. We need a little reprieve here so small caps don’t get overextended.

more from Tyler Laundon »

It’s been only 21 trading days since the market’s latest peak, but to hear the chorus of doomsayers complaining about everything, you’d think it’s been years!

more from Timothy Lutts »

During these boring markets, I like to buy low, as stocks rise and fall within their trading ranges—it gives me something to feel good about while I’m waiting for the market to rise.

more from Crista Huff »

The companies in the Cabot Value Model and Cabot Enterprising Model registered average earnings gains of 7% for the first quarter, and average sales increases of 2%.

more from J. Royden Ward »

Stock Picks

General Motors

The top dividend stock in the auto industry is General Motors (GM), a leader in big high-margin models, both in the U.S. and in China.

Anheuser-Busch Inbev

Revenues at the company fell 7% last year, while earnings shrank 4%, but the stock is holding up surprisingly well.

Monster Beverage

Thanks to its Coca-Cola agreement, Monster Energy drinks will hit shelves in Australia and New Zealand later this month.

Cabot Wealth Advisory

Grace Groner and the Power of Dividend Reinvestment Plans

By Paul Goodwin on May 27, 2016

Buying and holding stocks and enrolling in dividend reinvestment plans aren't exciting ways to invest, but they're an effective way to build long-lasting wealth. For evidence, look no further than Grace Groner. Read More >

One of the Leading Biotech Stocks Is Now on Sale

By J. Royden Ward on May 26, 2016

Standard & Poor’s lists a whopping 196 biotechnology companies in its database, but AbbVie (ABBV) stands out above the rest. The company is growing rapidly but due to the correction in biotech stocks, it’s now an undervalued stock.Read More >

The Best Small-Cap Dividend Stocks to Buy Now

By Tyler Laundon on May 24, 2016

While small-cap dividend stocks don’t always make for juicy storylines, the fact is that many of the best performers in the stock market today are these little income producers. And if you have the willpower to stick with them, you may easily find their performance rivals that of the best performing growth stocks. Here are three stocks for your review. Read More >