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Three Cyclical Stocks with Staying Power

Cyclical stocks aren't my preference as a growth investor, but when the opportunity is right some of them can make big, persistent, longer-term moves. And right now, three cyclical stocks from one particular industry stand out.

Bullish/Bearish Signs in the Market and What they Portend

VIDEO: After falling 5.38% following the Brexit vote, the market snapped back 3.5% in the past several days as traders gained a better understanding of the Brexit consequences. In this video, I highlight the bullish and bearish signals I see now in the options market, and offer my thoughts on the market going forward.

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I want to tell you about what I’m witnessing with the Pokemon Go phenomenon, because it is, indeed, a phenomenon.

more from Crista Huff »

Whether you’re looking at breadth, the trends of the indexes, the action of leading stocks, or sentiment among investors, most of the evidence continues to point to higher prices ahead.

more from Michael Cintolo »

There have been no signs that the market will pull back, and I have not yet seen large bearish bets or hedges. Until I see those signals, we will continue to lean bullish.

more from Jacob Mintz »

Look for small-cap stocks that should keep delivering earnings and revenue growth. Second-quarter earnings momentum is extremely important.

more from Tyler Laundon »

While the buy signal is important, stock selection is still key. With the long-term trend sideways, identifying and buying the leaders is crucial.

more from Paul Goodwin »

Low interest rates are making dividend stocks more popular than ever, and while we’re happy to benefit, it’s also worth asking if the situation is sustainable.

more from Chloe Lutts Jensen »

The strength in gold and silver investments is particularly intriguing to me because there’s no obvious reason for the strength yet.

more from Timothy Lutts »

Market uncertainty has played a big role in the decision of investors to favor conservative dividend-paying stocks found in the Value Model.

more from J. Royden Ward »

Stock Picks

Applied Materials

Its size and product diversification help insulate it from economic downturns, and its high quality products protect its market share.


This social networking platform can be called the Twitter and Facebook of China.

Parsley Energy

All the characteristics of a big energy winner—if oil prices cooperate.

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Three Big Trends and Three Small-Cap Stocks

By Tyler Laundon on July 26, 2016

Trend analysis is critical when researching small-cap stocks. And these three small caps are benefiting from some of today's biggest trends. Read More >

How Pokemon Go Is Like the Stock Market

By Timothy Lutts on July 25, 2016

Pokemon Go has swept the nation these last three weeks, and seemingly everyone (myself included) has joined in on the fun. It reminds me a lot of how the stock market works. Read More >

Investing in Emerging Markets Stocks: Why and How

By Paul Goodwin on July 22, 2016

Emerging markets stocks can march to their own drummer, and that’s a good thing for your portfolio. One Chinese education stock looks especially good.Read More >