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Stock market advice is available from a wide variety of sources, from energetic TV commentators to sober academic economists. The first group may tout quick trades based on the news of the hour, while the second may preach the Efficient Market Hypothesis, proclaiming that the only rational course is index investing in low-cost mutual funds.

At Cabot, we disagree with both approaches. We don’t care for investing based on the news that everyone is hearing; we think you should be smarter, and invest based on factors not known to everyone.  Furthermore, we believe you can beat the market, because for more than 43 years, we’ve been teaching investors how to do it. Finally, we also believe in managing risk, so that even after the worst market crash, you retain your capital.

Our newsletters range from value-oriented monthly publications whose advice is based on long-term investing strategies to weekly services targeting growth stocks to short-term trading services whose advice pays off in a week or two.

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What Really Matters in Investing
When you’re an active manager of your own account, it’s common to live and die with every trade. Every big move by the market seems larger than life, and a bad month or two can convince investors that they don’t have what it takes!
Stock Market Research: How to Evaluate the Stock Market
I am often asked whether the stock market is going to go up or down in the weeks or months ahead. No one knows for sure which direction the stock market is going to take, but I know I can enhance my investment performance.
Portfolio Risk Management
Over all the years I’ve been investing, the one thing that hits me between the eyes, over and over, is that the biggest influence on the success of your stock portfolio is the general trend of the broad market.
Two Major Market Trends
Every now and then I like to write about a couple of big, long-term investing ideas that are on my mind; not stocks, per se, but major market trends that could produce huge opportunities in the months ahead.
The Stock is Not the Company
The media gives you the impression that the market (and, hence, individual stocks) are directly responding to specific news, such as earnings, economic data, politics or international affairs. But that’s totally wrong!
How to Become an Instant Stock Market Expert
The more research you do on a stock, the better your results will be ... up to a point. The kind of research I'm talking about is the kind that makes you an instant expert. That's someone who can take in lots of information, make sense of it, and make a decision.