PayPal (PYPL) Finds Opportunities Outside eBay

PayPal (PYPL) is unlocking business opportunities previously inaccessible to it with eBay as its owner because other e-commerce rivals didn’t particularly care to give business to a competitor such as eBay, Investor’s Business Daily reported.

PayPal executives say that the company has advanced in several ways that it couldn’t while it was a part of eBay.  The split produced a “freeing effect” that has allowed the deals with Alibaba and

PayPal no longer needs approval from eBay executives on important decisions.

No doubt competition with tech titans in payments will remain fierce, but PayPal is in a strong position. With its base of 13 million active merchants, the company can achieve powerful network effects from that critical mass, which makes it a considerable challenge to unseat PayPal as payments king.

PYPL is a Cabot Growth Investor stock.

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