Ode to 2014


Ode to 2014

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Ode to 2014

The year’s been so strange, so remarkably weird,
That regular poetry fails, so I’ve feared
My yearly reviewing will prove of no use
Unless I start rhyming like dear Dr. Seuss.

The year’s biggest gift came from OPEC to us
As cheapening gas let each car and bus
Roar off from the pump like a revved up young rocket
While shoppers enjoyed extra cash in their pocket.

We tried to help others in various ways
And one charity spawned a national craze
Our Facebooks had pictures of folks being nice
By dousing themselves in big buckets of ice.

The midterm elections were not much in doubt
And the final results were a definite rout
The President’s hopes as an elephant tamer
Were dashed and his already lame duck grew lamer.

Ebola wreaked havoc in African nations
And thoughts of contagion caused great perturbations.
The media coverage proved uselessly witless
As experts competed to scare us all spitless
Alarmists alarmed in a hysterical spiral
As warnings about the dread virus went viral.

The S&P Index, the Nasdaq, the Dow
Made major advances and showed us all how
A volatile market can be terribly taxing
With bears and bulls constantly waning and waxing.

The market sprang one big surprise we’ll remember
A steepening pullback that rolled from September
To 15 October, when, quick as can be,
It snapped back to bullishness, making a V
That roared to new highs in a stunning reverse
That is ‘til December’s bear made it all worse.

Celebrities vied for the tiniest mention
And Tweeted and Instagramed, seeking attention.
But what made us wish that our eyes were glued shut
Was that view of Kardashian’s humongous … oh I just can’t say that here.

We’re not sad to see 2014 sent packing
Some money was made, but the spirit was lacking.
We wish that in 2015 the world may
Grow wiser and kinder with each passing day.

From Cabot and all of us who labor here
To give good advice and serve you each year
We say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
And a long, joyous holiday filled with good cheer.


Here's this week's Fortune Cookie. Remember, you can always view all of the buttons by clicking here and all the Fortune Cookies by clicking here.

“The man who insists upon seeing with perfect clearness before he decides, never decides. Accept life, and you must accept regret.”—Henri Frederic Amiel

Tim’s Comment: In the investing world, perfect clarity is not simply a rarity, it is not even to be desired, for when perfect clarity exists for all, a stock will be priced fully. Contrarily, it is when a stock is burdened by uncertainties and clouded by doubts that opportunity is presented, and to take advantage of that, you must strike at the chance, knowing that you will sometimes fail.

Paul’s Comment: Investing is never perfectly clear but if you assess the story, numbers and chart, and find them to be strong, that’s enough to put the odds clearly in your favor.


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Paul Goodwin
Chief Analyst, Cabot China and Emerging Markets Report
And Editor of Cabot Wealth Advisory

Paul Goodwin can be found on Google Plus.

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