Decoding Dick Davis Digest

January 10, 2009

Salem, Massachusetts

By Elyse Andrews


Which Cabot Publication is Right for You?

Decoding Dick Davis Digest

In Case You Missed It


Last year, I started writing a series explaining our various investment advisories in an effort to help answer one of the most common questions we receive from investors, "Which Cabot publication is right for me?" You can read the other issues in the series and any other past issue of Cabot Wealth Advisory on our Web site archives.

Last summer, we expanded the Cabot family of newsletters by purchasing Dick Davis Digest and Income Digest. This is what publisher Timothy Lutts wrote at the time: "Now, it's our honor to be the steward of these well-respected publications.  Our goal is to honor the past reputation of these Digests, while improving the newsletters so they serve subscribers better in this Internet age. I'll be telling you much more about these Digests in the future."

And that's exactly what I plan to do today with Dick Davis Digest, and in another issue, with Income Digest.

Dick Davis Digest was established in 1981, and is widely recognized for its broad and impartial selection of stock and fund investment ideas from the best investment advisors in the business. Our long-time editor, Denise Saari, selects the investments to feature in the Dick Davis Digest from more than 250 newsletters.

Denise uses her expertise to sift through all of these newsletters every two weeks to find the absolute best opportunities for subscribers. This would be pretty much impossible for an individual to accomplish--the sheer volume of material and cost involved would make such an endeavor prohibitive. Additionally, Denise uses her many years of experience to ferret out the best recommendations from the best advisors, so you get handpicked selections from a top editor. 

Each issue features a Spotlight Stock, a profile of the most promising and compelling investment recommendation selected from more than 250 newsletters, each of which contains many top-rated picks. This stock is truly the cream of the crop.

In addition to the Spotlight Stock, subscribers gain access to dozens of growth, international and blue chip stocks, so there's something for everyone. Some are detailed in long write-ups, while others are covered in a briefer format. Each recommendation comes with the most updated financial data available to help you make the best investment decisions.

For investors interested in more than just individual stocks, mutual funds and ETFs are also covered in the Digest. Diversification is an important consideration, and these write-ups, selected from top mutual fund and ETF experts, can help you achieve it.

On top of all the new stocks, mutual funds and ETFs presented in each issue, the Digest also provides follow-up on some of the past investment ideas that have been covered. This section helps guide subscribers as they make investment decisions and keeps them up-to-date on the latest advice available.

The recommendations in Dick Davis Digest are made by the top investment advisors in the industry, like Louis Navallier of Louis Navallier's Blue Chip Growth; Bernie Schaeffer of Bernie Schaeffer's Option Advisor; Neil George of Personal Finance; Adrian Day of Adrian Day's Portfolio Review; Richard Young of Richard C. Young's Intelligence Report; Stephen Leeb of The Complete Investor; Alex Seagle of The Contrary Investor; Robert J. Brinker of Marketimer; Gregory Spear of Spear Report; Doug Fabian of Successful Investing; Sy Harding of Sy Harding's Street Smart Report; and Charles Allmon of Growth Stock Outlook, just to name a few of the hundreds we review.

Each issue of Dick Davis Digest contains a detailed table that provides subscribers with the most important financial information on each recommendation. It's all in a concise, easy-to-read format so you can look up a variety of information about each stock, such as 52-week high/low, P/E ratio and recent price, among other details.

To use all of that information, you need to be aware of the big picture, basically, what is going on in the stock market. This can be found in a section called In Perspective, which brings subscribers market forecasts and timing advice from top advisors. You get to read what those who live and breathe the market are thinking and doing. This section alone keeps you in touch with the pulse of the market.

Subscribers include individual investors, investment professionals and libraries around the world that rely on the expertise found in Dick Davis Digest in selecting the best stock market investment ideas from the very best newsletters.

Dick Davis Digest is published 24 times a year and is available in either email pdf or print format. Subscribers also gain access to archived issues that provide thousands of investment ideas and can be used as references.

I hope this helps explain another one of our investment advisories. Remember, you can read the entire series, and other archived issues of Cabot Wealth Advisory, on our Web site. And as always, don't hesitate to email us with any questions, comments or suggestions.

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Discover the Next Stock Market Leaders

Cabot Top Ten Report editor Michael Cinolo recently wrote: "I believe the market is close to a bottom, and the odds strongly favor of a powerful new upmove."

Mike's stock market studies are telling him that the classic bottoming action we've been seeing will eventually make way for a brand new bull market. But he's warning subscribers not to buy the past leaders, stocks like Apple, Baidu and Google.

Instead, Mike's focusing on the new leaders. These are great growth stocks with solid fundamentals and strong charts that are just beginning their powerful upmoves. Cabot's proprietary OptiMo system finds these stocks when they're just beginning to climb and that's the best time to buy them.

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In case you didn't get a chance to read all the issues of Cabot Wealth Advisory this week and want to catch up on any investing and stock tips you might have missed, we have links below to each issue.

Cabot Wealth Advisory 1/5/09 - 10 Investing Resolutions for the New Year

On Monday, Michael Cintolo wrote about how negative sentiment, as we're seeing now, can be a bullish long-term indicator. Mike also reviewed his 10 investing resolutions for the New Year, including keeping records of your portfolios, cutting losses short and selling some winners on the way up, among others. Mike also discussed why you should be watching the education stocks this week and next. (As it turns out, many have gapped up since his write-up and look like future leaders.)  Featured stocks: Apollo (APOL), up 13% since then on good earnings, DeVry(DV) and Strayer Education (STRA), both up 5% in sympathy.


Cabot Wealth Advisory 1/8/09 - Steve Jobs, Apple and AAPL.

On Thursday, Timothy Lutts wrote about the difference between the man Steve Jobs, the company Apple and the stock AAPL. Sometimes investors fail to see the difference and this can be a dangerous mistake. Tim also wrote about finding the next Apple, or at least a leading stock, and one he thinks has potential. Featured stock: Thoratec (THOR).


Until next time,

Elyse Andrews
Editor of Cabot Wealth Advisory

Editor's Note: As an editor, I appreciate a well-crafted piece of information, just like what can be found in Dick Davis Digest. This investment advisory offers subscribers the very best recommendations from the top advisors in the industry. Save time and money by letting us ferret out the new leaders from more than 250 newsletters. Click the link below to get started today.


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