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4 Traps for Your Retirement Account

Many investors have been effectively brainwashed (maybe that’s too strong, how about “persuaded?”) into thinking that the only realistic way to handle the equity side of their retirement capital is to put the money into an index fund, or funds, and leave it there.

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Let’s Buy Canada!

I want to share a big intellectual idea—a big National Idea—that is not at all widespread, never mind popular.

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Two Investing Lessons Learned from History

Today, putting on my military historian hat, I have a lesson from more than 70 years ago that still applies today.

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Best Canadian Dividend Stocks to Buy Now

Today I’m introducing a new series highlighting the Best Canadian Dividend Stocks to Buy Now.


Paul Goodwin’s Favorite Stock to Buy Now

Here's the interview with Paul Goodwin, Cabot China & Emerging Markets Report chief analyst.

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Cabot Weekly Review

Intermediate Market Trend | Stock Market Video

In this week's video, Mike Cintolo talks about the possibility that last Tuesday was a near-term market low. While the intermediate-term trend is still down, Mike believes the wheat will begin to separate from the chaff should the market bounce and as earnings season progresses. 

Cabot Chart School

Managing Your Portfolio for Maximum Profits

In this third of three videos in Cabot's stock chart school series, “How to Invest in Growth Stocks,” Cabot Market Letter editor Mike Cintolo takes you through portfolio management -- a skill that most people don't really develop and which leads to them getting sub-par returns. He discusses the concept of portfolio management in general, as well as looking at some specific trades Cabot has made in the past.

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Volatility in the stock market has increased noticeably during the past six weeks. The rotation is obvious: investors are moving out of over-priced growth stocks and into reasonably-priced value stocks.

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Because of the recent upmove, our Cabot Tides are back on the fence; further strength could produce a new buy signal, which would be encouraging. That said, to this point, not much has changed under the market’s hood ...

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The selloff in Chinese stocks has mirrored the chart of the Nasdaq since the beginning of March, so this selloff may be centered more on tech stocks than on Chinese issues per se.

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The way the market has shaken off the growth stocks’ weakness has been truly impressive, but traders are concerned about the rotation into more traditional late cycle sectors.

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In last week's ETF letter, I said it felt like the market elevator was going up and up without end. Now it feels like the elevator is finally resting at the 18th floor. (That is, with the S&P hovering around 1,800.)

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It’s a familiar story: you’re having dinner at a restaurant when the conversation turns to movies, and no one can remember the name of that actress, the one who was in that movie about space.

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As you almost certainly noticed, the market stumbled late last week. At the top of the list of reasons given by commentators was the prospect of reduced economic stimulation by central banks.

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