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Could Interest Rates Stay Low Forever

FOMC members are now predicting a “gradual” pace for interest rate hikes, and a “normalizing” of the rate closer to 3% than the 4% we got used to in previous decades. Most experts are now calling for the same thing, revising their earlier calls for fast and furious interest rate increases.

jail cell

Guns, Drugs, Crime and Incarceration in the U.S.

A few incidents that have received national attention in recent weeks have got me thinking.


My Stock of the Year

I get asked several times a year—usually in November or December—for my stock pick for the coming year for different publications.

Investing Guidelines

An End of Summer Q&A

It’s the last week of August, which means a few things. Volume in the market is drying up as most investors enjoy the last couple of weeks of summer.

value stocks

Undervalued and Relatively Undervalued Stocks

Any stock can be undervalued. It can be a company that’s underperforming and has been given a low valuation.

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Cabot Weekly Review

Growth Names | Cabot Weekly Review

In this week’s Stock Market Video, Mike Cintolo talks about the generally bullish action of the market during the past few weeks. For stock ideas, Mike dives into eight leading growth names that are near the top of multi-month consolidations.

Cabot Chart School

Managing Your Portfolio for Maximum Profits

In this third of three videos in Cabot's stock chart school series, “How to Invest in Growth Stocks,” Cabot Market Letter editor Mike Cintolo takes you through portfolio management -- a skill that most people don't really develop and which leads to them getting sub-par returns. He discusses the concept of portfolio management in general, as well as looking at some specific trades Cabot has made in the past.

Editor's Center

Stock and bond action this week continues to point us to the equity market and dividend-paying stocks in particular for the best combination of risk, reward and yield.

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While I don’t profess to be an expert economist, I believe the economy and corporations will perform quite well during the remainder of 2014. Dips in the prices of many stocks have created some excellent buying opportunities. There are exceptions, though.

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The market’s rally from early August is intact, and we’ve seen an improvement among leading stocks, with a few popping higher each week and, importantly, many moving higher after their initial breakouts.

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With the Alibaba IPO on the horizon—the investor road show is expected to kick off after Labor Day—many investors are watching closely to see how institutional fund managers will prepare.

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More opportunities are beginning to pop up...likely tied to the merger and acquisition activity this year, and I expect them to pick up now that the big market players are back at work.

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In last week's ETF letter, I said it felt like the market elevator was going up and up without end. Now it feels like the elevator is finally resting at the 18th floor. (That is, with the S&P hovering around 1,800.)

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It’s a familiar story: you’re having dinner at a restaurant when the conversation turns to movies, and no one can remember the name of that actress, the one who was in that movie about space.

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Cabot Stock of the Month presents a spectrum of investing systems, all of which will work well in the long run, but some of which are probably more suited to your investing personality.

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