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The Solstice and Stock Trends

If you take the behavior of the sun in the sky as a metaphor for the stock market, there is a valuable lesson to be learned: Trends don’t go on forever, and the moment when they reverse their direction is always when things are either at their lightest or at their darkest. Markets top when optimism is at its highest.


10 Year-End Stock Investing Tips

I'd like to share 10 investing lessons we learned this year that will likely apply to 2015.

The Fiscal Cliff and a Bull Market

A Strong Stock to Build On

My stock pick today is based on one great rule, which I learned during my first few weeks at Cabot.

Ten Retail Stocks for the Holiday Season

Bourbon and Oil and Supply and Demand

The market forces do have a profound effect, as illustrated recently by the bourbon and oil markets.


How a Stock Ticker Might Save Your Financial Life

Technology has been a part of stock investing for as long as anyone now alive can remember.

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Cabot Weekly Review

Sudden Market Rally | Cabot Weekly Review

In this week’s Stock Market Video, Mike Cintolo talks about the sudden market rally this week and what it means going forward. (Hint: good things.) Mike's not fully bullish, and there are still a bunch of stocks that aren't acting well, but he has his eye on a bunch of growth stocks that have set up nice launching pads—if the market kicks off from here, he believes we'll see some new leadership emerge in the weeks ahead.

Cabot Chart School

Managing Your Portfolio for Maximum Profits

In this third of three videos in Cabot's stock chart school series, “How to Invest in Growth Stocks,” Cabot Market Letter editor Mike Cintolo takes you through portfolio management -- a skill that most people don't really develop and which leads to them getting sub-par returns. He discusses the concept of portfolio management in general, as well as looking at some specific trades Cabot has made in the past.

Editor's Center

The technical experts at Cabot say the market’s divergences will drive even more money into the strongest sectors as we approach the end of the year.

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I expect further weakness during the remainder of December in oil stocks, as a result of the usual year-end sales to take tax losses.

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After easing up on the gas pedal in Monday’s issue, we’re back in a bullish frame of mind … though we’re still not flooring the accelerator.

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If it takes a harsher correction to reset investors’ perceptions of the value of emerging markets stocks, now looks like a good time for it.

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As concerning as oil companies not being able to pay their bills, is the growing worry that countries such as Russia and Venezuela could default on their debt.

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In last week's ETF letter, I said it felt like the market elevator was going up and up without end. Now it feels like the elevator is finally resting at the 18th floor. (That is, with the S&P hovering around 1,800.)

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I think the multi-month correction has been completed, the weak hands are now out of the market, and the bulls will now push the best stocks higher.

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