Emerging Markets Investing

Emerging markets investing is all about investing in the world’s fastest-growing countries, which, naturally, provide the best Emerging Markets Investingopportunities to invest in fast-growing companies.

The hottest economies in the world right now are not those of the U.S., Western Europe, or Japan. If you want double-digit economic growth, you need to look at a handful of countries that make up the emerging markets.

China has led the way over the past decade, as its massive population of industrious people, directed by its powerful central government, has created a booming middle class eager to achieve the prosperity of developed nations.

Brazil, Russia and India are also ripe with emerging markets investing opportunities, some of them tied to the natural resources of the countries, and some simply to increases in the standard of living. (Together, these countries—Brazil, Russia, India, and China—are sometimes referred to as the “BRIC Countries.”)

Emerging market investing has the potential for both higher rewards and higher risks than those of developed markets. But with all the warnings out of the way, growth rates in emerging markets in or near double figures will produce opportunities for growth investors that can't easily be matched in the developed world. And we are discovering new candidates every week as more and more emerging market stocks come public on Western exchanges.

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Emerging Markets Investing


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