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Below are excerpts from Mike Cintolo's advisories, Cabot Top Ten Trader and Cabot Growth Investor.

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Warts and All, the Trend Remains Up

As tricky as the environment is, there are opportunities out there if you’re invested in the right stocks (especially the liquid leaders) and get in at advantageous buy points.»

Movers and Shakers

This week brought about as good a reaction to last week’s sharp selloff as you could have asked for. The major indexes generally held their 50-day lines and bounced nicely.»

Watching Our Indicators Closely

The market environment remains split, selective and challenging, with some stocks doing well and others looking horrid.»

Back in the Soup

Given the strong October run-up, we weren’t surprised to see the market retreat last week, but the severity of the dip in indexes and individual stocks was a yellow flag.»

Movers and Shakers

The force of the selling during the past couple of days is definitely a yellow flag, while the action among the leading stocks and indexes has actually been reasonable.»

Hit or Miss

We’re beginning to see money flow out of defensive stocks that have thrived over the past few years. If that continues, we think there’s a good chance growth stocks could benefit in a big way. »

Movers & Shakers

We continue to see more and more positive evidence. We received an intermediate-term buy signal back in early-ish October, and last week, even our longer-term trend-following measures turned bullish.»

Trends Remain Up

We believe this dip, while probably having further to run, is buyable, but stock selection remains key, as we’re still seeing many stocks fall apart even as others remain in favor. »

Improvement Seen in Growth Stocks

As earnings season has progressed, we’ve also seen improvement among growth stocks—it’s not a wild bull market, but more leadership has appeared, especially among the big, liquid leaders we like.»

More Improvement, but Lots of Bumps in the Road

We’re a bit more constructive than we have been, so we’ll bump the Market Monitor up a notch, but it remains vital to be selective—buy what’s working, keep losses small and avoid or sell anything that breaks down.»

Movers & Shakers

We’re likely to bump our Market Monitor up a notch next week for a couple of reasons. First, we’re seeing some “staying power” among high-relative strength, Top Ten-type stocks.»

The Second Mouse

Leading stocks often take a while to get going, so investors who race to jump in first often buy the wrong stocks at the wrong time.»

Movers & Shakers

The pieces are in place for a good run in Top Ten (i.e., high relative strength) stocks … but we’re waiting for further confirmation before from those stocks before becoming heavily invested.»

Still Good-Looking Setups

There remain lots of good-looking set-ups, so our thought is that the rubber is likely to meet the road during the next three weeks as many resilient stocks report earnings.»

Earnings Season Dead Ahead

The rubber will likely meet the road during the next three weeks as earnings season revs up—a bunch of powerful breakouts would dramatically raise the odds that the market is beginning a sustained rally.»

Movers & Shakers

Our main thought: Should we see a bunch of these stocks that are set-up in sound bases lift off on earnings, it will be your sign to become more aggressive.»

Lots of Set-Ups—and Crosscurrents

With earnings season getting underway, there’s the potential for leadership to quickly form if things go right. But potential is the key word. »

Intermediate-Term Trend Up; Looking for Leadership

There are still a few flies in the ointment; the longer-term trend remains down and most of the big movers have been the worst performers of the past few months. »

Movers & Shakers

From a top-down perspective, the market has performed impressively this week. Under the market’s hood, however, the situation is anything but clear.»

Bottoming in Process

Last week, most major indexes successfully re-tested their August lows and, importantly, we saw a positive divergence from our Two-Second Indicator.»

Looking for Confirmation

We’re looking to see if the intermediate-term trend can turn up; by our measures, it could happen within a day or two if the market holds its recent gains. »

Movers & Shakers

If the trend turns up, we’ll take a more constructive stance (though we’ll likely advise going slow, as the longer-term trend remains an issue), and if it doesn’t turn up, we’ll simply remain hunkered down.»

Here’s What to Watch For

We’re focused on any potential bottoming action, especially as the major indexes tested their August mini-crash lows this week. »

Onus Remains on the Bulls

as always, it’s best to just take the evidence as it comes—today, that means holding lots of cash and limiting new buying as we patiently wait for a bottom to form.»

Stock Picks


The fact that these stocks couldn’t rally even in the market strength of the past month tells us there’s little hope for the rest of the year.

Newfield Exploration

This oil & gas producer looks like an early leader.

Mindray Medical

Mindray has made a global name for itself, designing and refining medical equipment that can be sold more cheaply than the big international brands.

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