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Below are some excerpts from Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investor, which features the very best undervalued stocks to buy right now. Analyst J. Royden Ward tells you exactly which undervalued stocks to buy and when to take profits. This advisory is ideal for conservative investors.

DB Worries Could Keep Stocks Under Pressure

Investors’ worries about Deutsche Bank could keep stock prices under pressure for the next few days.»

Rally Could Be Short-Lived

Investors are relieved that the Fed didn’t raise interest rates, but now investors’ attention will refocus on third-quarter sales and earnings results.»

Worries Fuel Market Volatility

The stock market will remain volatile for another month but investors will continue to take advantage of buying opportunities, and that will prevent stocks from dropping significantly.»

Oil Prices Are Sinking Again

After stocks surged at the end of June and beginning of July, the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index have paused during the past week.»

On the Fallout in Europe

Market uncertainty has played a big role in the decision of investors to favor conservative dividend-paying stocks found in the Value Model.»

Value Opportunities Abound

Even though the stock market is approaching all-time highs, there are still plenty of stocks selling at bargain prices.»

Impressive Quarterly Reports

The companies in the Cabot Value Model and Cabot Enterprising Model registered average earnings gains of 7% for the first quarter, and average sales increases of 2%.»

Sell in May and Go Away?

For long-term investors with time horizons of at least five years, my advice is to stay fully invested and avoid timing the market using fables and phony predictions.»

Value Investors Rewarded Since January Low

Subscribers who followed my advice and became more aggressive value stock buyers in January were well rewarded.»


The stock market has rallied nicely during the past month, but stocks could go either way from here. I advise using caution while Ms. Market makes up her mind.»

A Value Investor’s View

I’m not a die-hard contrarian, but when most investors agree on which way the stock market will turn, I have learned that that’s the time to go against the crowd.»

Look for Sales Gains

One quick way to find companies that don’t buy back excessive numbers of shares is to identify companies with increasing sales.»

Stop the Short-Term Hysteria

The wild gyrations in a company’s stock price caused by a quarterly report's slight sales or earnings miss are unwarranted, and the short-term hysteria needs to give way to long-term progress. »

Stay the Course

Slowing growth in China and oil’s precipitous decline are cause for concern, but bailing out of the market is probably a bad idea.»

Better Days Ahead

The sky isn’t falling, but stock prices are certainly under pressure. The recent carnage has engulfed stocks from virtually all over the world.»

Value Stocks to Fill Out Your Portfolio

The objective of my Cabot Enterprising Model is to recommend various stocks that will fit your investment goals and that will fill any voids in your portfolio.»

Risk Level Remains at 4

When the stock market moved to a level of higher risk in October, I changed my risk level to 4, indicating the need for 10 defensive securities.»

How to Invest in Benjamin Graham Stocks

I am often asked how to develop a winning portfolio of stocks from the Cabot Value and Cabot Enterprising Models. First, I recommend buying stocks from both models, and allocate no more than 75% of your portfolio to either.»

Once in a Decade Bargains

Select blue-chip stocks are selling at the lowest levels in many years, with low P/Es and high yields. At the current prices, you should not pass them up.»

High-Quality Dividend Payers are Best

Chloe Lutts Jensen, our expert authority on the subject of dividends, penned an article today on the performance of high-quality dividend-paying stocks during downturns.»

Waiting for the Bottoming to Begin

The stock market’s dive yesterday confirms my belief (and Cabot’s trendlines) that the current stock market correction is not over.»

Stock Picks

Tesla Motors

If Tesla ever begins to cut back on development and innovation costs, earnings will soar.


China seems to be raising up its very own version of Amazon in Alibaba (BABA.


Roy Ward uses the PEG ratio to determine if the stock is undervalued or overvalued.

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