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"Mike, I love your common sense approach to the market. I have been in the market now for a year. I subscribe to the Cabot Stock of The Month and the Cabot Top Ten. I trust you guys, and I'm learning a lot in a short time."—M. Liner, Texas

"Mike, I know exactly what you mean by 'it's the screens.' As a matter of fact, after ten or so years of doing hours of research, reading, etc. about two years ago I simply stopped all that and just looked at numbers. Then I turned off the volume of CNBC and just looked at what the numbers told me. Your newsletter was one of many I used to subscribe to, now I just need one—yours! Perfect for the kind of trader I discovered myself to be. Thank you very much."—D. Carroll, Bethpage, New York

"Thanks Mike. You are doing a wonderful job keeping us up to date, I've been doing well, very well, until this week of course. Before the drop this week, I was up 30-50% on many of my purchases over the past 45 days. Put stops in place so I didn't lose all that profit. You're great."—E. Manley, Las Vegas, Nevada

"Mike, You guys are good. You identify the leading stocks. I like the prose in your write-ups. My favorite is when you conclude your discussion with: We like it."—R. Vranes, San Antonio, Texas

"I tell people that you folks are truly like family. When you write us it is understood that you personally care about what we do with our investment decisions. I can't begin to thank you enough for all you do for the little investors as well as the bigger ones."—W.N. Archer, Springboro, Ohio

“The detailed report is really part of my routine. Boy, has Michael been right on.”—M. Buchholz, Grand Junction, Colorado

"Mike, I really appreciate your newsletters and this Friday's summary. I subscribed to a whole bunch of newsletters this year just to see which ones would be most informative and yours are helping me understand best how these stocks move. With about 25% in cash, my whole portfolio is still up close to 40% from March lows on about 20 stocks most of them growth, many of them from your Top Ten. Best Regards."—Robert T., Milford, New Hampshire

"Thanks Mike. With your advice, I've turned $5K into $6.3K in a short period of time. As soon as I signed up, I started following the plan."—J. Hofmann, Mount Airy, Maryland

"I want to extend some positive feedback to you and your service as a new subscriber. I’m quite pleased and impressed so far with my Cabot service and consider it a great value and suits my investment style. The Monday reports are good in giving the recommendation, rational, and especially recommended entry purchase/exit points. Also, I like your summary page. In addition I also very much look forward to your Friday review email especially during turbulent market weeks like this. I still do as much homework as possible, before taking actions and naturally have pet sectors that your recommended list seems to cover well. I want to let you know that I anticipate being a long-term subscriber. Thanks!"—David Evans, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

“I was glad to have been a Cabot Top Ten subscriber. For the past year, you guys did an excellent job. I hope to see more good picks from you. Cheers!”—J. Li, Bethesda, Maryland

“Just a quick note to tell you that I am appreciating your update emails greatly. Thanks for your teaching attitude and help toward those of us who have lots to learn. Have a great and blessed day.”—R. Aden, Bailey, Colorado

"An excellent source of stock ideas. Mike, your views on the market are deeply appreciated and most valuable."—W. Hogle, San Diego, California

“Excellent newsletter. Years back, I subscribed and made a bundle from American Power and Summit Technology. Last year, I gained 38% on the Cabot picks. Recently I emailed Mike Cintolo regarding a question and he promptly responded with an answer. Keep up the great work!”—E. Clark, Cranston, Rhode Island

“I just find it stunning that I can get an email reply from you in 20 minutes. It took me four days last week to get a hold of my banker. Thanks again"—E. Metzger, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

"The Cabot Top Ten serves as the heart of a very successful momentum investment system. I recommend this report very highly.”—M. Feller, Wayne, New Jersey

"I truly believe in your desire to help us as investors be the very best we can be. You keep us always remindful of the risk as well as the reward. Your timing is everything!"—W. N. Archer, Springboro, Ohio

I recently recommended Cabot Top Ten to my son-in-law. Here’s what I wrote: We are into a two-year subscription with Cabot Top Ten. Nice easy PDF format with ten stocks weekly emailed Monday eve and one chosen as Editor’s Choice (Mike Cintolo). Market condition and buy ranges. Finds leaders at and before major breakouts. Fundamental and technical condition. Overall company prospects (speculative play, industry leader/competition). Former recommendations updated with hold, buy, sell. Update sent out Friday after market. We have done very well and took some gains, a few small losses and hold some big gains.”—Robert R., Bethesda, Maryland

“Very informative stock newsletter that not only gives you the hot sector (and tells you how to act on it) but also gives you a list of fundamentally sound stocks with great analysis and research.”—S. Mulamalla, Las Vegas, Nevada

“I track approximately 1000 stocks and rely on approximately six screens for qualifying consideration for stock and options trades. Cabot Top Ten Trader has the highest screen OK % of any service and I usually find one or two new stocks every week to add to my watch lists.”—M. Eisenberg, Breckinridge, Colorado

“If one wants some everyday excitement and hopefully make some money too, one should subscribe to Cabot Top Ten Trader.”—R. Yong, Walnut, California

Straightforward, no nonsense, reliable guidance."—G. LeSage, Santa Fe, New Mexico

"It's a great way to get a weekly glimpse at the market through 10 special stocks.  I look forward to every Monday (Tuesday here in Japan)."—M. Allen, Ashiya-shi, Japan

"One of the best newsletters I've ever come across."—F. Koss, Jekyll Island, Georgia

“I've emailed Mike (Michael Cintolo) many times. He responds with unbelievable alacrity and helpfulness. It's like having my own private adviser right at my elbow."—S. Sherman, Riverdale, New York

"I remain totally satisfied with Cabot Top Ten Trader. In addition, your email updates and weekly comments are valuable beyond compare. Please keep up the personal touch—it means so much."—W. Archer, Springboro, Ohio

"It is the very best—most readable, most understandable, most helpful, most thorough, most "user-friendly"—report there could ever be. Often when its recommendations have soared, it has felt positively magical—it is so thrilling to be led to such amazing stocks. In a good market, its recommendations have often produced profits beyond my imagination. And as part of it all are Mike's responses and suggestions—from which I have learned SO MUCH and thanks to which I've preserved profits I might otherwise have lost. If there were only one report on earth, this would be my choice. It's just the way I like to invest—seeing a relatively immediate growth rather than having to wait for years. And more than any other report, it is just so much FUN and so utterly engaging to follow it. I cannot praise it enough—or express my gratitude sufficiently."—S. Sherman, Riverdale, New York

“Your Cabot Top Ten is something I cherish. I know that you want your subscribers to make money. All I can say is that I am so fortunate to be your subscriber. ONE VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER,”—A. Auger, M.D., Los Angeles, California

“Good results are the true test of any newsletter…I have been trading exclusively using Cabot, and the results have been very good. I tried picking stocks on my own in the past, but results were not good. I don’t have a background in investments, so having assistance and guidance from Cabot has been the key to turning my investments around to success.”—J. Burner, Staunton, Virginia, two-year reader of Cabot Top Ten Trader

“If Cabot Market Letter is like driving a safe and luxurious Lexus, Cabot Top Ten is like a Ferrari loaded with stocks that set their own speed limits. I have been a long-term Cabot Market Letter fan and enjoy reading market conditions, commentary, momentum stocks, tip of the month and stock picks. Recently, I subscribed to Cabot Top Ten and I enjoy reading it. Top Ten picks are really quality stocks that are advancing much faster than regular stocks. I eagerly await this newsletter each Monday. I have been investing in some very profitable securities week after week, taking advantage of the bull market this year.”—Nirmal R., San Francisco, California

Thanks to Cabot Market Letter and Cabot Top Ten, my $28,000 IRA portfolio has grown 21.46% in the past two months! That's about 95% better than I did following (another investment advisory). I am extremely satisfied with your service and I give your newsletters most of the credit when bragging to my friends about how well I'm currently doing in the market. Thanks again.”—M. Taylor, Rogers, Alaska

I’d recommend Cabot Top Ten to a friend with confidence that the Cabot people are like family and you can trust their every intention! They truly care about the disciplines that lead to the success of every investor.”—W.N. Archer, Springboro, Ohio

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Hostess is making news today as it is issuing $1.23 million in term loans—most of which will go toward paying $905 million in a special dividend to its private shareholders—which I may add, is also more than two times what the buyers paid for this tasty snack business, and triples the company’s debt. According to Bloomberg, these types of deals grew to nearly $16 billion in the second quarter, the highest level in the past 12 months. I’m not making a judgment for or against this action. I just want to make a point that this debt, or leverage recapitalization—spurred by low interest rates—is increasingly becoming a method in which private equity holders get their money back—without selling the business. But it does burden the company with additional debt, which isn’t going to fund company expansion or operations.Read More >

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Today, I’m writing on a MacBook Pro. This morning I did my morning crossword puzzle on my iPad. All day long, my iPhone is by my side. My home Wi-Fi comes from Apple AirPorts. And some nights, I stream entertainment through my Apple TV. In short, I love Apple products, and I expect to continue using them for many more years. But one of the most important market truisms is this: “The company is not the stock.”Read More >

Sunny Days

By Paul Goodwin on July 24, 2015

Every year, usually on a Thursday in July, most of the Cabot crew gathers in Salem, jumps into cars and heads north. With bathroom breaks and a stop to purchase refreshing beverages (ahem), the group drives through New Hampshire’s tiny seacoast neck and winds up in Kittery, Maine, at the Chauncey Creek Lobster Pound. There, lobsters, baked beans, coleslaw, steamers, mussels and (importantly) chips are consumed and the store of tissue-restoring beverages is significantly reduced.Read More >