Cabot Investing Advice Reviews

General Reviews of Cabot Investing Advisories:

“My friends ask me, “How should I invest my money?" or “Do you actually think that the market could cave some day?" To which I answer… "All you need to do is contact Cabot Customer Service and decide which publication you want… because Timothy Lutts and his colleagues have the answers to all those questions and many more!!" So if you get a big spike in subscriptions from the Kansas City area, you'll know why! (:”—R. Nordahl, Kansas City, Missouri

“I subscribe to several Cabot advisories and think you and your colleagues do a great job. No hype, just informed ideas upon which an investor can do their own due diligence and make an investment decision.”—P. Rosenberg, Bethany Beach, Delaware 

“Thanks ever so much for your helpful reply. This is what is so unique (well, one of the things) about Cabot. I recommend you guys to everyone! Sincerely, Li Daniels, Oakland Park, Florida

“I find the people who work at your company honest, hard-working and caring individuals who would truly like their clients to do well.”—F. Johnson, Holland, Michigan 

"Tim, I just read your letter about Invisalign, and as you supposed, there was at least one orthodontist reading the letter – me. ... I considered buying Invisalign some years ago, but did not. However, your analysis of the company has renewed my interest. I have been a subscriber of Cabot publications for many years, and have recommended your service to friends. Thanks for your great work."—Dr. G. Casey, Wiesbaden, Germany

"Dear Tim and all the other Editors, I've pretty much tried all the major newsletters and can't stand any of their formats. Yours are the only ones I've been using for about 10 or 15 years now and your straightforward, flowing formats are the BEST. … Also, the way your Editors respond personally to inquiries, almost immediately, is remarkable. I've been burned twice by "personal financial advisors" and so have been managing my own investments for close to a couple of decades now. Whenever I suffer losses, or lose out on a great buy, it's always because I didn't follow your advice fast enough. I've just turned 80 and totally count on your advice and am able to make it on Social Security and my dividends, without having had to touch my capital yet. I think you people are fabulous!!"—L. Daniels, Oakland Park, Florida

“My year in review: I was 19 years old when I joined the Cabot Wealth Advisory in January 2013. I earned my money detailing cars since I was 13.  I feel so lucky and fortunate to have the Cabot investing group’s knowledge, background and work experience, guiding me through the tangled, complex and intricate maze of the financial world. Wow, what a fun year and run it has been! I started off with a small amount of money to invest. I began with the help of Cabot Stock of the Month. Six months flew and I found myself with a bucket of fresh cash to invest. I then knew I needed the expertise of J. R. Ward of the Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investor. A few more months passed, and I purchased Cabot Top Ten Trader, (which is extremely useful) and my newest purchase, Cabot Market Letter. I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with the Cabot investing advisories. Thank you so much!”—E. Masucci, San Diego, California

"I’m a degreed Electrical Engineer so I’m not uneducated, but when it comes to investing, I would be totally in the dark without Cabot."—B. Kramer, Huntington Beach, California

"Mike, I'd like to express my thanks and gratitude to you and all the folks at Cabot! I know, I pay for your services via the investment letters I receive, but I can't begin to express how you folks have made my investment life so much better. I make a very nice return from your advice with essentially no stress. You make the buy and sell recommendations, I profit, and I sleep well at night. How could I be anything but grateful. So, thanks again from one of your customers who is incredibly grateful for what you, Tim, Paul, Roy and all the others do."—J. Schnereger, Meridian, Idaho

"Thank you for the umpteenth time for your guidance helping us stay the coarse. It has been a crazy few years, but your constant drumbeat of honesty and truthfulness pulled us through the shaky unpredictable period. How many individuals are simply seeking to be shepherded by the hands of truthfulness and honesty, this they will find in your newsletter. It took me years of trial and error upon error until I moored my finances and docked at your newsletters. Thank you for your wisdom, guidance and most importantly financial prosperity."—A. Khorsandian, Daytona Beach, Florida

"Mike, when you go to work each day I want you to understand how important your work is to a lot of people. Without you guys at Cabot, my dad's retirement account may have lost even more before the market got strong enough to bring it back up again. Thank you Mike. Tell Paul I love his week in review videos, as well as yours also. Also please tell Timothy hello from me. You guys are making a big difference in the financial well-being of my family."—M. Liner, Wheelock, Texas

"Mike, I bought your 10 Low-Priced Stocks Report, and purchased 1,000 shares of AMCC  at 7.95 per share, and 1,000 shares of DCIX at 5.75 per share. I sold DCIX @ 6.62 and 6.68, so I made approximately $900 on the trade. I'm still holding AMCC because of the background information you gave us about them. I don't know how you guys do it—with the profit I've made, I invested  some of it in your Cabot Small-Cap Confidential newsletter and Cabot Top Ten Trader. So I've made a great profit, got two of your newsletters, and still have a lot left over with more profits to come from AMCC, and all from investing $25 for your list of January effect stocks. I'm beginning to think that the closest thing to investing in a "sure thing" is to follow Cabot's advice. I don't know who is smarter: you, for your recommendations, or me for following them, haha! Anyway, I'm a lifetime subscriber!!!!  Thank you for giving me the confidence to invest."—M. Trimas, Farmington Hills, Michigan

"I consider Cabot family; great guidance and advice over the years."—J. Chavanne, Tega Cay, South Carolina

"Among the thousands of publications out there, I stumbled onto one that suited my taste and style. It happened to be Cabot. In these last few years when markets were in such a difficult state for making money, I listened to advice from Cabot’s editors. They have been my guidance in getting me out of trouble during these turbulent times. Presently I subscribe to six of their newsletters. I recommend that you go through their website and check out the Cabot Wealth Advisory free subscription and their free video each Friday. In this way, you will get to know them and their editors better. If a newsletter interests you, you'll get a 100% guarantee from Tim, a very trustworthy person. I met Timothy Lutts and a couple of his editors last summer at their office. "—J. Chan-Lai, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"I remember two years ago when I decided to take a stab at investing in individual stocks I realized I did not have the time, nor the resources, to become good enough at it without outside help. So, that meant I had to buy the expertise. But who could I trust? If you look at what I am subscribing to at Cabot [four newsletters], you can tell my confidence level is growing steadily. You are offering a nice array of products that allow me to customize the material to my goals, at a reasonable price and with success. Anyone can write an investment newsletter, but most can't (or won't) imbue it with insights into the idiosyncrasies of investing that takes years of experience to develop. I'm more than happy with my advisors and am honored you feel my comments might be useful."—D. Bushman, Harleysville, Pennslyvania

“Congratulations to your company's Cabot China and Emerging Markets top performing reports! I am not surprised. I must tell you that I really enjoy Michael Cintolo's excellent advice and wisdom as well! He is one bright and kind fellow! You have a fine team of neat people. This says something special about you. Thank you for all the good words of guidance and wisdom. It is appreciated!”—F. Johnson, Holland, Michigan

"In 20 years of investing and what seems to be hundreds of investment newsletters, nothing even comes close to Cabot, whether it be the Top Ten Trader or the Global Energy Investor (both of which I subscribe to). Cabot saves me a tremendous amount of time in finding ideas and cuts down the due diligence process. It also gives me confidence and peace of mind that I am investing alongside what I believe to be some of the smartest people on Wall Street."—H. Allen, Manhattan, New York

"Cabot letters have kept me from staying in a stock when it was time to get out. They take the worry completely out of investing."—D. Aston, Florence, Alabama

"After 42 years in the securities business, Cabot is the best I have ever seen—plus it's made me a lot of money! Congratulations for being the best in the worst of times."—Gerry, Longboat Key, Florida

“Some three to four decades ago, I dumped my broker just as SMART MONEY reports investors are doing today. Cabot stepped into the picture under circumstances that I cannot recall, nor can I pinpoint how far back. What's important is that I liked Cabot because it provided me with a system. For many years, the Cabot system has been my only crutch to lean upon, and it has served me well. I found my portfolio always loaded with "Cabot stocks" and heeding to the letter the Cabot advice on when to buy and sell. Naturally, for me anyway, I am unable to follow along with Cabot 100% of the time; I still do good and do bad on ideas of my own, but that is my way of doing things my way. These side trips are good for the ego, either as boosters or as corrective cautions, and usually bring me back to appreciating the Cabot system even more. There is no brilliant lesson here, nor specific point I am making; I just wanted to share with you my feelings that I am very grateful that I stumbled upon the Cabot Market Letter some many years ago and appreciate the guidance that it, and now the Top Ten Trader, and China & Emerging Markets Report, have and are now providing me. The Cabot products have certainly made my decision to "dump my broker" an easier and enriching one.” — R. Linden, Murrieta, California

“Dear Mr. Goodwin, Mr. Cintolo and Mr. Lutts,
I cannot express how favorably impressed I am by your:
1) Unbiased and honest views of the stock market; you have proven that honesty is still a valid word
2) Unparalleled experience in both technical and fundamental analysis of the stock market
3) Your unequaled care for your subscribers
I am writing this today because I think you should know that subscribers "feel" the difference between you guys and other so called "up & up" fancy expensive market letters. I have lost a bundle subscribing with them and they did not deliver the goods. They have a lot to learn from you people and I also commend you on the Outstanding Professionalism that is synonymous with the Cabot name. Believe me these are not compliments, these are facts, and I have never, until today, written a thank you letter such as this one.Suffice it to say that you already saved me a bundle of money by saying it "like it is" and steered me away from the pundits (bandits?) and the empty taking heads. Dear sirs, you have in me a subscriber for life. Best regards to all.”—J. Der Mesropian, Fulton, New York

“I have been impressed with the Cabot Market Letter over the past three months and the first week of my subscription to the Cabot Top Ten Trader has been favorable as well. I also subscribe to the excellent Cabot China & Emerging Markets Report. In sum, I am thus far pleased with my three Cabot subscriptions, and would like to commend Cabot for their quality and the expertise of their editors. After having tried countless financial subscriptions covering the gamut of stocks, ETFs and options, I firmly believe Cabot offers the best.”—J. Mellstrom, Bangkok, Thailand

“I am now getting three Cabot letters. I find them excellent and I am new at managing my own money. I have sampled lots of other market letters but I prefer the Cabot family and have recommended you to others.”—M. Armour, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

I continue be impressed with everything to do with Cabot and the people involved. Thanks again for being who you are."—D. Harrison, Troy, Michigan

I want to extend particular thanks and appreciation this year. Beginning in February, I began following your timing and recommendations much more seriously…The six-figure portfolio I've been fooling with for only eleven months is up 125%, largely attributable to Cabot stocks and timing recommendations …I feel that 90% of this year's success is attributable to you and the Cabot letters.”—R. Hollander, Kansas City, Missouri

"I am a subscriber to a number of Cabot investment letters, and greatly appreciate the excellence of my Cabot subscriptions...The more exposure I have had to the Cabot investment research analysis, stock and sector recommendations, the more convinced I am that, at last, I have the most important and most valuable investment advisory service in the industry (and you are free to use that genuine comment, if you like)."—M. Colby, LaJolla, California

“I just wanted to tell you that I paid $25 for your Favorite Low Priced Stocks report. When I received it, I bought 1000 shares of SDTH at $10.71 on 12/20/2007. Today is 12/24/2007, and the stock is selling at this moment for $12.75. That's an unrealized gain of $2000 for a recommendation from you that cost me $25—I'd say that's a pretty good return. Because of your expertise, you will notice that I have just subscribed to your Cabot Market Letter with the profit you made for me. I have to admit, you sure do make it easy and make me feel comfortable doing business with you …I will be a customer of yours for life.”—M. Trimas, Farmington Hills, Michigan

"My thoughts are indeed very positive. I am a Financial Advisor with Edward Jones in Canada, fully licensed for securities and also fully licensed for insurance products and also holder of the CFP (Certfied Financial Planner designation), so ... you may be proud of my assessment—I am not an easy person to satisfy."

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