Cabot Dividend Investor Reviews

"Thank you for your advice on IRT and ARCP. I am very happy with your Cabot Dividend Investor, as well as Cabot Top Ten Trader and the Cabot Stock of the Month and always looking forward to your updates. I thank my son for getting me involved in the Cabot investment advisories."—K. Oh, Youngstown, Ohio 

"Top notch advisory service, great research and educational tools. AND, the staff are available to subscribers by e-mail for individual questions/support in a timely/prompt fashion."—S. Goodman, Spokane, Washington 

"Very timely, informative analysis of portfolio recommendations especially in relation to retirement timeframe ... I appreciate the three tiers of "tolerance" that are given with the stock selections."—S. Henderson, Pell City, Alabama

"A must for your nest egg and if you want income!"—O. Ahmodu, Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada

"A very sound publication that actually delivers."—A. Montesinos, North York, Ontario, Canada

"Best way to start investing with hand picked stocks."—D. Sutaria, Reading, Massachusetts

"A great direct, well-researched portfolio that one can depend on or put your money on."—S. Kalsy, Landenberg, Pennsylvania

"It's exactly the investment letter I need for this time in my life. I would and will recommend it to friends and family. I'd just tell them if you want stress free solid dividend returns with dividend growth built in with a minimum of risk to your capital...this is the investment newsletter for you."—J. Schnereger, Boise, Idaho

"A very safe, intelligent way to invest for retirement."—F. Crothers, New Orleans, Louisiana 

"Ms. Jensen, Thanks for the Cabot Dividend Investor guides on retirement income, MLPs and portfolio composition. I am 70 and have been investing since I was a teenager and have never seen such a good explanation of this subject matter as the one you present. … I know from your level of knowledge that you will be a great success with this venture, especially with the huge number of retirees out here."—D. Dimick, Leawood, Kansas

"In addition to the stock recommendations and analysis, I very much appreciate the effort you have made to educate your clients and hope you will continue to do so."—K.M.

"I like that the letter explains the purpose of each stock i.e., dividend growth, safe income, etc. Simple format and easy to understand."—P.Z.

"The letter format is excellent. More important all of the picks I have purchased are up and running."—M.S.

"Impressed with the detail and explanation of the concept. Very well thought out and initial delivery was excellent!"—C.S.

"This service could and would surpass the use of a professional financial advisor who usually invests client funds in various mutual funds."—J.P.

"Great way to start investing or continue investing while young, and a great way to build an income stream. Awesome way to analyze companies that are not the normal, large dividend stocks like KO, PG, etc."—J.A.

"I suggest you try out this subscription because the information provided is backed up by sound research from a reputable firm. Holding cash, although important, does definitely not render as much as sound dividend stocks and can be an excellent alternative."— M.S.

"Provides solid investing leads in a clear manner."—R.T.

"I would tell people to check it out as a long term strategy for those who don't want to worry about timing the market and watch it on a daily basis."— R.S.

"its a no brainer, just follow Chloe's recommendations."—J.L.

"It's an exponential compounding that's solid and now tied into relative price strength. It's easy to check on and you don't get whipsawed."—R.L.

"I really like the thoroughness that you include in the letter. You are doing great. Glad I subscribed."—Mike 

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Stock Picks

Loews Corp.

This undervalued stock has strong future earnings growth expectations.


Biogen is the market-share leader in treating multiple sclerosis.


One of Paul Godwin’s favorite stocks in his Cabot Emerging Markets Investor portfolio.

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