Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investor Reviews

Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investor reviews by our subscribers:

"I just renewed your Benjamin Graham Value Investor for a third year in a row, and plan on doing so many more times to come! I look forward to it each month.”—B. N.

"I am enjoying your letter immensely. My best performance this year has come from your recommendations.”—M. Elliott, Reston, Virginia

Roy you are awesome. Thank you so much for considering my request and adding the PEG ratio. I really appreciate that. Thanks and regards.”—R. Jayaraman, Novi, Michigan

“With every newsletter and e-mail update, Roy gives you the sense that he is looking out for you. He combines a focus on growth opportunities with solid companies that usually provide a dividend. He isn't looking for the "quick" buck but takes more of a longer term philosophy (1 to 2 years), which agrees with mine.”—M. Wolok, Potomac Falls, Virginia

“Dear Roy, Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions on airline stocks and credit card companies. I always appreciate your crystal clear thinking and succinct explanations; it has helped me make good investment decisions.”—P. Williams, Dayton, Ohio

“I like this man, and the Value advisory has done quite well $$$.”—W. Roston, Beverly Hills, California

"Roy, thank you for your thoughtful response to my questions. I continue to enjoy your newsletter; it provides valuable information which has enhanced my investment results. I really appreciate the time you took to answer my questions."—P. Williams, Dayton, Ohio

“This (Top 275 Value Stocks) chart is awesome thank you so much! Wish I would've joined years ago. I think a lot of self investors would be far more successful if they had a guide as useful as this.”—R. Lockheimer, Carlsbad, California

"Roy, I really appreciate the value approach of your newsletter.  I have subscribed for several years; this year I renewed my subscription for 5 years. I have witnessed some of the changes in your letter, and I think they are excellent decisions. The recent change in the format is also very good. You are constantly striving to produce a better product; in my opinion, you have succeeded."—P. Williams, Dayton, Ohio

"Hi Roy, I want to thank you for your most excellent investment newsletter and for the time you take to write back. The stocks I have bought from your letter (except for Target) have all done exceptionally well. I love reading your analysis and I find I take my time before investing as I am not always as familiar with the U.S. companies as many of your other readers may be."—Z.H., Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"Thank you, Roy! Your diligence, watchful eye and extraordinary knowledge provided me with a great stock recommendation earlier this month, and also saved the day for me today."—C. Braunhardt, Cary, North Carolina

"Hi Roy, I purchased Express Scripts (ESRX) several months ago on your recommendation and sold it yesterday following your "sell" recommendation. I made a gain of 35% within a relatively short space of time. I am also holding Qualcomm (QCOM) purchased at your recommendation as well. I will pull the sell trigger when you advise. You are literally putting money in people's wallets. Your advice has paid off handsomely many times over for my subscription. You are clearly very experienced, knowledgeable and passionate about what you do. Many thanks and keep up the good work."—R. Persaud, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

"As a rookie investor, I am so glad I have found your website. I particularly like the max buy and min sell pricing. I have made more money from your advice in the last year than I have in the last 15 years with three different "advisors." I ditched them last year!!"—Pam Healey, Edmonton AB Canada 

"Roy, I've been enjoying watching the returns over the last year with my now fairly diversified holdings based strongly on the value models that you produce. As I look forward to the next couple of years and the potential for pull-backs, etc. I'm trying to pay more attention to the shifts in equities vs. bonds allocations you suggest as a defensive strategy. ... Thanks and keep up the great work. Your guidance has really helped me to focus and grow as an investor."—S. Hagberg, Burlingame, California

"I'm greatly appreciative of your service. I'm 30 years old and just started my own law firm and fortunately, business has been booming. Ever since getting back on my feet financially after a bout of unemployment, I've managed to save and invest about $3,000. My portfolio is up 10% thanks to you."—J. Pollard, New York, New York

"Nice to find a newsletter following Benjamin Graham approach to investing. I have always considered myself an investor rather that a speculator or trader but found it difficult to commit the time required. It is nice to have the leg work done and have the confidence to keep to my plan."—Gary Hails, Henderson, Nevada

"From your recent recommendations, I purchased QCOM and NUS and made several times the cost of my Cabot Benjamin Graham Value subscription."—S. Kunapuli, Bridgewater, New Jersey

"Morning, Mr. Ward: I like your new format! It's much easier to work with. Your selections appear to be performing so well for me that I am about to cancel my other stock newsletters. Your picks are doing so well that I'm just using your recommendations. Please keep up the great work!"—Dr. Charles Braunhardt, Cary, North Carolina

"Thanks for the sell notice on Disney. It's been one of the stalwarts in my portfolio. And congratulations on the milestone achievement! I've been following your newsletter for almost 3 years now and I've been very happy with it and most importantly, with the results I've gotten in my investing based on your advice. Keep up the great work!"—E. Loose, Thousand Oaks, California 

"Hello Roy, I am so pleased with the well explained answers to my questions on APPL and ABBV. I will be patient and wait on selling both until they meet your recommendations. I am very impressed at the fantastic returns I have received on many of your recommendations. I truly enjoy your service and your thoughts. Keep up the great work! "—P. Flanagan, Weymouth, Massachusetts

"Hi Royden, ... you always provide additional important info and insight. Your letter is one of the best out there—you know we are big fans of yours (we've lauded your work and letter in prior emails). Fact is, the fine Cabot organization is very fortunate to have you on board."—J. S., Florida

"Wow! Roy, you are terrific. I am immensely pleased that my results have been so positive in the short time since I subscribed."—J. Ritter, Racine, Wisconsin

"Hi Roy, I strongly feel you hit the bull's eye selecting Baidu (amongst others) in the June Benjamin Graham Value Investor. What really attracted my attention like a magnet was your statement that your decision was made after going through 1,000 companies in your database. This showed you really did your homework. I took up an initial small position in the stock last week and it went up close to $2 the day after I bought it. I am happy to say I have more than recovered the marginal cost of subscribing to your Letter in under two months. I can tell you're from "old school." Thank you and keep up the excellent work."—R. Persaud, Toronto, Canada

"I do not own GMCR but this type of info, plus your personal responses to some of my previous questions, gives me a lot of confidence to stick to the advice provided by you and the Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investor."—R. Marks, Port Matilda, Pennsylvania 

"Roy, I want to sincerely thank you for your advice. I have had very good success following your system and investing in your recommended stocks. I place very high value on what you say and your insight into portfolio size and taking profits are just what I need to make me a better investor. Your advice also puts me at ease when the market is going crazy. Keep doing what you do. Thank you."—B. Van Wert, Jacksonville, Florida 

"Thanks so much for a simply awesome letter. It is very educational and focuses investors thinking on value, which is sometimes difficult in a volatile period."—D. Sophos, London, Great Britain

"Best source of U.S. value stocks I have found."—T. D., Toronto, Canada

"This letter follows a consistent and proven style of investing. The strength of the letter is not only the stock selection, but Roy tells me when to buy and when to sell. That advice is priceless. Further, Roy's commentary in the letter is always very good ... and his availablity by e-mail to answer specific questions and give advice is wonderful bonus!"—R. J.  Grand Falls-Windsor, NL, Canada

"I like its calm and straightforward approach to investing, with a minimum of hype and total lack of hysteria that characterizes some other advice newsletters. I also like its specific recommendations of maximum and minimum buy and sell prices. In the year and a half that I have been using it, it has helped me to refine my investment approach so that I have little anxiety about my portfolio."—T.B., Paris, France

"Excellent in-depth coverage highlighting undervalued stocks. Max Buy and Min Sell most useful."—A.B., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

"No nonsense, consistent, thoroughly researched systematic approach to investing."—S. Kapnopoulos, CFA, Athens, Greece

"Roy, as always, your advice is valued and appreciated."—C. Keels, Tampa, Florida

"You are terrific. I don't know what I would do without you. Thank you so much. Your guidance is priceless and I am very grateful for your help."—T. Lattof, Gloucester, Massachusetts

"Thank you Roy!!! Great info, very comprehensive. Thanks for being an outstanding resource for my practice."—S. Tobin, Newhall, Iowa

"Roy, I am amazed at this service and honesty and willingness to respond. My questions were answered in three hours with full, easy to understand explanations. I don't believe I have ever seen this in the newsletter industry. Thank you."—P. Pottle. Southern Pines, North Carolina

"Thank you so much for your detailed explanation on value stocks and UUP. I feel so confident subscribing to the "family letters" of Cabot. Having accessibility to all of the Cabot analysts is FANTASTIC!! I look forward to more letters and directives from all of you through my subscriptions. Thanks again, Roy."—M. Kantor, Bonita, California

"Roy, Thank you for the information on HQS and JNY. It is the reason I have renewed my subscription to the Cabot Benjamin Graham newsletter for another two years. You are terrific." Thanks, T. Lattof, Gloucester, Massachusetts

"Roy, Once again you've proven what a great resource Cabot is—thanks for the info."—B. Corrigan, Saint Louis, Missouri

"Hi Roy, Thank you for your great newsletter ... in a short time I have taken advantage of a number of your recommendations. I have benefited greatly from your advice. Keep it coming!"—R. Janes, Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland, Canada

"Roy, you are the most thorough man! I love you guys! Thank you so much."—Candace, Tampa, Florida,

"Dear Roy, Thank you very much for your insightful response to my inquiry. It is a pleasure being a subscriber to your newsletter. I appreciate the ability to ask a question directly—I think that is a rare service. Enjoy the Christmas Holiday Season and all the best."—J. Curley, Los Altos Hills, California,

"I just renewed your Benjamin Graham Value Investor for a third year in a row, and plan on doing so many more times to come! I look forward to it each month.”—B. N. 

"Hello Roy, Thank you very much for the reply. It was thorough and precise. The analysis you took the time to perform shows that you care about novices like me. I am glad to know that I can at least pick one good stock, as verified by an expert. I appreciate the service you and the other folks at Cabot deliver. I am very impressed by your company's values and ideals. Please keep it up! When I get wealthy, I am going to drive up there and take you all out to lunch. All the best," —G. Auguste, Boston, Massachusetts

"Roy, your newsletter has been a steady beacon through all the investment fog. My portfolio is within 6% of where it was when the Dow was 14,000. I am living proof that wealth is built not by trading, but by investing. Looking for undervalued stocks, having a base of the best of breed blue chips with secure dividends and always having some cash on the side to be able to buy when the market presents companies "On Sale". "—R. Reynolds, Grand Ledge, Michigan

"Dear Roy, Honestly, I have made more money on the stocks that I have invested based on your recommendations than I have made elsewhere. So, I value your recommendations a lot."— H. Bott, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"If you are looking for high quality companies to invest in with good advice on when to buy and sell, the Cabot value letter is great."—B. Atwood, Boise, Idaho

"Outstanding publication. Great informational tool for investing!"—C. Shores, Port St. John, Florida,

"A good conservative approach to investing. Well researched."—D. Goodwin, Daufuskie Island, South Carolina

"Most superb investment letter that I have come across in my lifetime. My only regret is that I did not follow their advice sooner."—M. Reddy, Fort Gratiot, Michigan

"It is the best stock newsletter I've read."—S. Braccey, Los Angeles, California

"Excellent source of value stock selections for slow but steady return on your investments."—H. Peek, Chesterfield, Missouri

"The Value Letter has been extremely helpful in selecting the stocks for my portfolio. By using them and my own research, I have been able to make quality selections that have allowed my portfolio to increase in value. My ratio of "Winners" versus "Losers" has improved greatly."—R. Martin, Lindale, Texas

"This is the very best conservative-investor newsletter I have ever read since 1982."—P. Hyra, Burton, New Brunswick, Canada

"If you are a true Value investor, it's the best newsletter I have found. In fact, it's the only one I subscribe to."—D. Pennington, New York, New York

"Unbeatable analysis, no garbage, Roy is cool."—J. Haluska, Pine City, New York

"Conservative sensible investing advice with appreciation window 1 to 2 years. It's not one of those come on financial letters that promises a lot but delivers very little."—I. Heller, Woodland Hills, California

"Specific recommendations with specific Buy and Sell prices...i.e., a complete plan for each security."—L. Charif, West Yarmouth, Massachusetts

"The most sensible investment tool I have ever used. I've done real well the last year."—J. Wendl, Marina Del Rey, California

"I think the ability to email the editors is one of the best features of Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investor, and one of the many reasons that I will be renewing my subscription. Thanks."—Matt A., Birmingham, Alabama

"Hi Roy, I just wanted to thank you and tell you how much I appreciate all your help. I had been going a little crazy buying and selling, and now I can just buy these stocks and relax for a while. I am very happy with all the stocks I have been buying from Benjamin Graham Value Letter as most are doing very nicely. Thanks again."—Fran B., Boca Raton, Florida

"Roy, Fantastic work. I did not buy BUCY on initial recommendation but  I bought on 6 Mar at 11.81. Sold for 46.73.  If I am not mistaken, that's a 3 bagger+ profit. I started investing about a year ago mostly in growth and did not do too well.  Then I tried your value letter and was sold.  I am more comfortable with value investing and have had great results following your guidelines. Thanks a lot for the good work you do. You've got a believer here."—W. Van Wert, Jacksonville, Florida

“Hi Roy! I love my Cabot Benjamin Graham Value investing letter and will be a subscriber for as long as you're publishing … My entry into the market (June ‘08) was extremely ill-timed on my part but at least I was smart enough to seek out the best advising letters there are! Thanks to you and Paul Goodwin, I not only survived I profited! The whole experience has motivated me to learn as much as I can. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise and wisdom! Warm regards,”—L. Sage, Limerick, Maine

"Since I started to follow and apply your Benjamin Graham letter (BG), I have been able to relax and enjoy investing through thick and thin. Half of my portfolio is BG and the rest is Stock of the Month, Market Letter, Cabot Green together with my own ideas."—P. Haywood, London, U.K.

“Roy, thanks for your advice again. I've had good luck using your newsletter…AGU, GS, DNA and others have appreciated nicely.”—Frances, Plymouth, Massachusetts

“Presents good buying opportunities and the right purchase/sell prices.”—J. McKeown, W. Lebanon, New Hampshire

“Great lists of best bets for a conservative investor.”—R. Beaton, Colorado Springs, Colorado

"This is ideal for a conservative investor even if you are experienced and sophisticated."—J. C. Denton, Ph.D., Belton, Texas

“This letter suggests sound stocks for consideration. Impressive record.”—A. Zeltmann, Los Alamos, New Mexico

Concise, easy to read, direct and to the point.”—G. Budig, Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky

“I think the under 50 crowd should follow the Letter to build retirement funds.”—A.E.G., Beaumont, Texas

"This letter always has good up to date info and keeps on top of changing situations."— M. Glenn, Rio Rancho, New Mexico

"Conservative approach to investing. I like it."—M. Pressman, San Francisco, California

"A very sensible way to begin building a stock portfolio."—K. Green, Northbrook Illinois

"Very good newsletter that can be used to diversify a stock portfolio and assist in monitoring investments. Doesn't use gimmicks that pretend to take the uncertainty out of investing."—S. Kiselewski, West Hill, Ontario, Canada

"Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Letter is a focused presentation of undervalued stocks of mature, high quality companies, with a history of trouncing the DJIA by 10-13% annually. I truly appreciate the crisp presentation of each stock recommended, without verbosity. Helps me focus on the underlying value of each stock and appropriateness for my portfolio of approximately 30 stocks and eight mutual funds."—Dr. Terry J. van der Werff, Hoover, Alabama

“I have been a subscriber to the Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investor for about three months and I find your methodology, analysis and commentary to be sound and of value (appropriate — after all, it is the "Value Letter"). No matter what, it has positively changed my approach to market investing and I think a compliment is warranted.” — S. Werner, Port Washington, New York

“Roy, thanks very much for the advice.  I really appreciate how quickly and thoroughly you have answered each of my emails, and it only adds to the satisfaction I have with the Value Letter.  I have told several of my associates about both the letter and your personal replies; you have certainly earned my future business. Thanks again.” — L. Kasuske, Seattle, Washington

"Hi Timothy Lutts, I wrote you an email two days ago with a question about HQS, not being sure which of your editors recommended it. You wrote me back today, having found out the editor was Roy Ward and you attached the original email plus a new email that he sent to subscribers of his Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Letter—even though I'm not a member of his letter. I appreciate it tremendously!! Your 'family' is all about love of the market, and great treatment of your customers. That's why I'm a member and why I will stay one for a very long time!! Have a good day."—P. Bittner, St-Redempteur, QC, Canada 

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